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De todo un poco, como en botica. Apuntes medioseculares, donde, por hablar, se habla hasta del gobierno. Este blog cuenta con la bendición de los siguientes santos: San Woody, San Humphrey, San Frank McCourt, Santa Almudena, Grande de España, patrona de los canadienses, y Santa Dorothy Parker. Borrachos y borrachas de sombra negra, abstenerse.

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viernes, septiembre 28, 2007

Tal como éramos

The Spaniards are rather short and thin. Their hair and eyes are black, their skin is dark, and their cheeks pale, and their countenance is grave and sad. They walk very slowly, and hold up their heads. The women are very graceful.They are not like the French, lively and talkative: they are grave and silent. They are not active like the Scotch, but cold and distant; nor fond of home like the English, but fond of company. Yet they are cruel, and sullen, and revengeful. They are very proud. The poor are as proud as the rich. They think no nation, and no language is like their own. It is true their language is the best in Europe, but there are very few wise books written in it.

Mrs Favell Mortimer (S. XIX)


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